Core Drilling

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Concrete Core Drilling Services

Cut It Out offer multiple concrete core drilling services, both hand held and drill rig mounted systems, through floors and walls. Call us today.

The core drilling procedure involves bolting anchor points of the drilling mast to the concrete surface to be core drilled. Or if the surface is a finished surface ie tiled floors walls or painted finished walls, a vacuum pad and pump can be used which does not require bolting anchor points into the surface.

During drilling with a circular drill bit, water from a hose connected to a tap is flushed down the hole to capture dust, remove slurry and keep the drill bit cool. This procedure is common for all core drilling equipment, despite the fact that most equipment is electricity driven.

Core holes can be drilled to almost any depth starting at 5 mm deep and 14 mm up to 400 mm in diameter. They can go larger pending on the requirement. Our vans carry a large range of core drill barrels to assist with any changes on the job.

Core drilling has a large range of applications where a circular holes is required completely or partway through a floor or wall made of bricks, blocks, stone or concrete, these may include:

  • Air conditioning pipes
  • Electrical conduits and cables
  • Bollard installation
  • Plumbing pipes

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